Bearded Dragon Kingdom

Bearded Dragon Kingdom


The Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons certainly make unique pets. They usually like to just hang out, whether it be on in a hammock in their terrarium, or resting across your shoulder, checking out what you are doing. Most “beardies” are good-natured, with a laid-back temperament. 

Where do bearded dragons come from?


Bearded dragons are originally from inland Australia. Their natural habitat is desert-like, rocky regions that are arid. Many bearded dragons can be found in Australia’s Red Centre, where you will also find the Uluru monolith – otherwise known as the Ayers Rock.

Watch a time-lapse video of Uluru here.

Bearded Dragons cannot be imported from australia

Though bearded dragons are becoming quite popular, it’s highly unlikely any pet dragon you see is from Australia. The country banned the export of bearded dragons in the 1960’s. Bearded dragons in captivity are bred to be pets.

Bearded Dragons Climb

Bearded dragons like to:


Be sure your dragon has something to climb on in their terrarium. Beardies are semi-arboreal. Arboreal animals are ones you often find hanging out in trees, like pythons, chameleons, koalas, sloths, and of course squirrels, for example. Your dragon will appreciate a hammock, branch, or smooth rock to relax on.

Bearded Dragons Prefer to Live Alone

When a bearded dragon sees another one, they will raise their arm up and start waving. This is adorable to see. They wave to each other as a sign of greeting, and it also also serves to show submission. You see this a lot when juvenile beardies are together. Once they get older, a bearded dragon should have its own habitat. If kept together you will usually find one dragon dominating over the other. This is stressful for the bearded dragon, and they really do prefer to be alone.  

You will want to get a bearded dragon terrarium like the one below:

What fruits can my bearded dragon eat?

What fruits are best for a bearded dragon’s diet? 

Other than bugs, what's a good source of protein?

Can my bearded dragon eat eggs?

Can I get sick handling a bearded dragon?

Can you get salmonella from a bearded dragon?

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